Winter, Winter

by Sarah Joy

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released December 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Sarah Joy Texas

Sarah Joy is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer. As an international Skype cello teacher and a Youtube partner, her hope is to not only provide quality music, but to make learning the foundations of music easily accessible for anyone who is interested. ... more

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Track Name: Currency of Words
A little length from me to him
Will make a breath for me to take
And so I built a barricade
While shorter grew the days

And soon a wind of sterner countenance
Engraved an ornament
Pretending as a summer treat
A sentimental phrase

Winter, winter, comfort your sister
Whisper, whisper come for your listener
You, you left your touch now I am loved
For what I have become
Winter what, what have you done?

I have no use for pretty verse
But you have made it what I'm worth
So for a currency of words
You'll carve the day away

What you can get, well, I will take
And keep the wall to decorate
Yes I will keep the barricade
So poetry remains

Beautiful pure as the driven snow
If I welcome his warmth could he make me better
He could fill up his hands with the ice and go
Mold me a heart and I'd be his treasure
Track Name: Traveler
We might 'till morning be frightened
And long is the road leading home
Simply the heart is divided
To turn to love or to stone

We wish that all was perfection
To know that fulfillment has come
But a fight though future determined
Has still to be fought though it's won

It would be easier to cover the eyes and pretend
The end was ours and time was our friend
Only the truly brave recover the right to be free
The rest have sold their souls for safety

In evening we cry and our frightened
And long is the road leading home
But only when hearts are divided
To turn from their love into stone
Track Name: Ready Fire
Purple skies saluting dusk
Watching well and well-deserved
Watchful eyes on us
Watchful eyes on us

Chaperone for reckless love
Willful want and wanting will
Hardly be enough
Hardly be enough

Can't escape from sight and such
With fiery red and ready fire
Never safe to touch
Never safe to touch

Treetops stretching arms above
Stealing close and closer 'till
The stillness is too much
The stillness is too much

In the hold of blackest night
Without fear with fearsome might
We stay because we must
We stay because we must
Track Name: Chisel Away
All the world white with sleeping sunlight
Captured by the evening, held so still
Quietness prevails when velvet midnight
Throws her veil across the lonely earth

A greater sky has never been
Filled and full of stars
It's such a big, cold world out there
But I'm safe when I'm where you are

I need a love, a love secure
Sweet and simply pure
There's nothing else comparable
To knowing what is sure

Down a restless road with none to follow
Caught without the one I wish to know
Calling through the snow, these loving whispers
Louder than a voice could ever speak

These endless words I crave tonight
I love you and that's all
It takes to take the cold away
Wherever snowflakes fall
And will you give such endless love
Am I too far out of reach
Am I buried under snow too deep
Or ice too thick

Chisel away and let the waters run
Carry me up and hold me to the sun
I fall from pretense of strength and I pray
That I'll follow you safe through the day